Donnie Dark Soundtrack

One of my favorite movies is Donnie Darko. I love the score, I love the soundtrack, I love it all (the Director’s Cut does NOT exist). The 80s soundtrack, mixed with a beautifully composed score, accompanies an amazing film. Though it is a bit out of date, I deem a review necessary.

It’s 2005, as a young adult in college, I found myself at a college apartment at a friends. As most might do in my position, I indulged in some adult beverages. With a cozy group, I found that my inhibitions were thrown right out the window. With an evil glare, I watched the girl I thought who was interested into me gingerly flirt with my nemesis.

What do I do next? Well, I do what any other self-respecting, jealous, anger filled adult would do. Tuck my tail between my legs, head out to my car, and listen to the full custom Donnie Darko Score and Soundtrack mix. After more than an hour of random friends and strangers confronting me through a knock at my window, I ignore in a blind bliss of Michael Andrews serenading me. This music was made for me in this moment.

After I exited my aural portal, I returned to reality. Calm, collected, joyous. I was ready to return to the party. With purpose, I opened the door to my car, popped my trunk, and stripped down in the parking lot. I pull the hockey bag from my trunk, and suited up. Accompying me as I walked up the steps towards the apartment, were sounds of Robocop (that I created from my mouth), mimicing his movement as I stormed through the door. Everyone was asleep.

I was Robocop. Walking the walk, and talking the talk. This wasn’t for the people, as my audience was asleep. This was my artistic expression that was spawned from the album I listened to.

Editors note: I was unaware anyone was really awake as I took out these actions. I scanned the room as if I were Robocop, making all the authentic sounds. One sleepy onlooker stifled their laugh I found out later.

Next thing I know, the sun blinded me as I took in the stench of my hockey equipment. Sprawled out, inverted, on the stairs, the resident of the apartment stepped over me as they left for work. I could only muster up a small wave, before I closed my eyes with a smile on my face.

I give the Donnie Darko Soundtrack / Score a 4.5 out of 5.