The tablet you never knew you had

It is not so surprising that a new Apple iPad is just around the corner. Many are assuming that it is the Pro version. Bigger screen, multitasking, maybe even a dedicated stylus. Sure, these features scream productivity in a light package, but that is only assumptions. Who wants to wait a couple months for the actual product?

I decided to do some investigation on which was the right tablet. I wanted something in the Apple ecosystem, as that is where all my other tech products reside. I wish the iPad Air 2 was just a tad bit more capable. What I really want, is to be able to take my slim, light, portable Macbook and push the screen all the way back and use it as a tablet. Hmm, a tablet mode? Surely Apple didn’t hide this feature.

Low and behold, the Macbook is also a tablet! Hear me out. It seems scary when you push the screen back, especially when you hit that first point of resistance. You get the sense that it is going to destroy your shiny new laptop. I assure you, once you get past that first hurdle, which coincidentally sounds like an out-of-place cracking, the fun begins.

With a now smooth flowing hinge, and the screen in the position underneath the keyboard, tablet mode is activated! No wonder tapping on the screen did nothing until now. I can swipe and gesture on the beta version of El Capitan with not a single issue. A fully functioning OS X tablet seems too amazing to hide from the consumers. What is even more baffling is they honed El Capitan (tablet mode) to accurately detect pressure and strokes from any pen or pencil.

I hope you all find this as exciting and useful as I did. Share this features with your friends. Pull out your fanciest fountain pen, and go to town on the best new tablet on the market. You will not be disappointed.